Summer Reading


Just saying hello & saying thanks, once again, to Borkali for making a place for us to read together. I am here at home and will be here in this home, reading and generally living on the internet. Our public library system has just begun to allow reserved materials to be picked up at certain branch libraries, so my Spousal Unit brought Hilary Mantel’s The Mirror and the Light to me. I have 21 days to listen to 30 CDs, so I have to stay on top of it! 1.4285714 CDs per day.

Looking forward to it!


7 comments on “Summer Reading”

  1. Yay, Teri 🙂 Glad to have you along for the ride! I am making my stack over here from all kinds of things that have accumulated over these strange months.

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  2. Teri, I am glad you are staying home, staying safe. And I gotta say, you made me giggle at your 1.4285714 CD’s per day. Spoken like a true numbers geek…

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    1. Thanks, Barbara. I’m on track so far with CD #11 on the player now! In the meantime, an eaudiobook I reserved has become available. Uh oh…

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