Fall Colors


We picked olives today and I turned another garden bed. The colors are worth sharing as these days shorten. The brightness of the olives in their fresh brine makes me happy.

Top: Picholine olives, Bottom: Tuscan olives
Eggplants & Squash

15 comments on “Fall Colors”

  1. Gorgeous! I don’t think I’ve seen fresh olives before. The eggplant make me think of the delicious puff pastry tart my spousal unit makes that is topped with eggplant he microwaves in advance of cooking the tart in the oven. Yummy.

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    1. I wish I could give some of these to you! That sounds so delish– I feel like nothing can go wrong when puff pastry is involved 😀

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  2. Just gorgeous. Yes, those colors stimulate my synapses. You have olive trees in your yard too? I want to come live in your backyard. : )

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    1. A neighbor has an orchard — she could not press oil because of COVID-19, so she is letting anyone who wants come pick her trees. We took full advantage of this opportunity 🙂 Next year she says hopefully we can be part of the oil pressing situation!

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  3. Teri – evidently she grows about 1,500 lbs so she sends them off to a local press! Pretty amazing — her house is on College St, not out in the country or anything, and she’s pulling off quite a grow.

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    1. She is well on her way! Her kids came by to help and it’s coming along. We picked about 2.5 trees. She has no choice but to finish them all off otherwise a particular kind of fly invades olives especially — can ruin the orchard — she cannot leave them on the ground so we helped clean up the ground crop a bit as well.

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    1. I live in a very cool town where people still happen to communicate and talk to each other. I also am very involved in my community — this olive contact came through the library as you might be unsurprised by 🙂

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