Unweaving the Whitewashed Legacy of the Cross-Stitch


Shocked at how few fotos** there are here but loved reading this — cross-stitch is a skill I learned well as a kid and something I still find very therapeutic, though this article sheds the obvious imperial light on the form of sewing.


** If you do not have social media you may not be able to see all fotos; I was able to see them through Instagram by right clicking + opening in new tab where it had an error message.

2 comments on “Unweaving the Whitewashed Legacy of the Cross-Stitch”

  1. Borkali, thank you. I hadn’t entertained thoughts of cross stitch or needlepoint in many, many years. Who knew? Who knew it was being brought into the modern age? And in so many ways! Wow. I loved it, all of it – women making patterns that are current and meaningful especially. Oh, and the woman finishing unfinished pieces, all in white. Very cool.

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  2. When I was young and had much better eyesight, I loved stitchery. For several years, I lived with an artist; for some projects, she designed and I stitched. Of course, I never thought of it in the context of racism. Once again art and activism go hand in hand. Another wake up call. I am bit more woke–thanks!


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