Paper Towns by John Green (book #1)


I bulldozed through this book. I don’t know if it was because we hadn’t gotten Internet yet or John Green is that good of a story teller.
Although it did keep my interest (which is difficult on a 3 month old’s schedule), I didn’t like the overall outcome of the story. As my sister put it, this book is the most adolescent story of Green’s. The nerd hangs with hot neighbor, the popular neighborhood kids accept the nerdy kids, the high school revenge plots, the prom – it all reads like every high school outcast’s dream… and I should know, I’ve had this dream. That is all background noise, the actual focus and plot development of the missing Margo, is very intriguing. Where is the next clue? Where is she? What’s going to happen? I read it in probably 2 days total through breastfeeding and nap times.

I was a little disappointed when Margo turned up alive. I didn’t want her to kill herself as the book suggested, but I wanted something interesting to happen to her. It sounded like she was an idiot who probably would have been sold into human trafficking. That idolized, caution to the wind, adventurer with model features that the media makes Jennifer Lawrence and Cara Delevingne (who conveniently plays Margo in the movie) out to be – I’m not buying. For the clues to lead the search crew directly where she was, writing calmly in a notebook, seemed like a huge cop-out.

I’m nervous that John Green is the next Nicholas Sparks. Short novels filled with adventure, mysterious romance with a subtle twist at the end. And all his books will be romanticized and placed in subpar teenage movie history.

I give this book an overall 3/5 🌟🌟🌟

2 comments on “Paper Towns by John Green (book #1)”

  1. Thanks for your review. I had considered reading this, but based on this info I think I’ll pass! I agree about the Sparks comment, I hope he can diversify his writing…



    1. It felt like sloppy easy characters and development. I’ll let you know how the next one is. I read Fault in Our Stars twice in 1 week when I was pregnant and loved it. I hope he has more in him.


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