Ready Player One – Ernest Cline (book #5)



My entire reading list is in the toilet. I’m going rogue.

If you haven’t read this book, stop everything and read it. This was the best book I’ve read all summer. Top 5 that I’ve read all year (among Unbroken, Ender’s Game and Dark Places). It’s very reminiscent of Ender’s Game so if you dug that, you’ll love this. In order to read this book, you have to be willing to live in a suspended version of reality. I found myself saying “That would never happen,” every now and again, but it takes place in 2044, all of this COULD happen theoretically within the next few decades.

The book takes place in not a post apocalyptic world, but a post socioeconomic collapsed United States. People don’t drive cars because no one can afford gas, everyone lives in trailers because no one can afford homes, and everything, even schooling, takes place in a virtual reality world called the OASIS. No one knows what anyone else truly looks like because all interactions are done from avatar to avatar. The social commentary is not even the main story line in this book, although it is a riveting propeller for it.

The”Bill Gates” of 2044 dies a hermit-ted bachelor, leaving all his billions and company to his loyal followers. As an ode to the 1980’s programmers, he hides “Easter eggs” and puzzles within the OASIS. Whomever solves all three, becomes his sole heir. This obviously launches an all out cyber war for years and the ultimate battle between good and evil. Will the evil, soul-less corporations with endless resources cross the finish line before the lower class but passionate gamers?

The narrator navigates you through countless pop culture references and video game history. It made me want to dive back into 80’s movies and video games.

I give this book a 4.5 Stars. 1/2 star deduction for it wrapping up too quickly at the end, the last chapter felt rushed somehow. I have heard, however, there is a Ready Player Two in the works. And Stephen Spielberg is ob board for the movie version of RP1.

4 comments on “Ready Player One – Ernest Cline (book #5)”

  1. Hahaha going rogue! What happened to your list?!

    Sounds like a great read- as I mentioned to Gina, maybe we need a fall or winter reading challenge so we can all read each other’s books!!!


    1. Haha i didn’t realize I’d read so fast and the books on the last half of my list, I have at home. I’ve been hearing great things about this book so I picked it up and was addicted. So I’m inserting alternatives into my list so I don’t have to buy double.

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