Armada – Ernest Cline (book #6)



I’d felt like a young Clark Kent, preparing to finally learn the truth about his origins from.  The holographic ghost of hid own long-dead father. But now I was thinking of a young Jedi-in-training named Luke Skywalker, looking into the mouth of that cave on Dagobah while Master Yoda told him about today’s activity lesson: Strong with the Dark Side of the Force that place is. In you must go, mofo.

Ernest Cline loves his 80’s references and I don’t hate it!
I actually finished this book a few weeks ago but the office assistant in Arkansas left us so I took over. Between that, a 5 month old and being a human being, I keep forgetting to post!!
This book was excellent, a lot of back story and video game description, but I was hooked! With Ready Player One, the main characters played games the reader is already familiar with but in a world the reader doesn’t know. In Armada, it’s the opposite. So a lot of time is spent on describing the game itself but it take place in our 2018.
It reminded me a lot of Ender’s Game, high school student recruited to the army to help save the world due to his video gaming skills. Luckily, I loved Ender’s Game.
Honestly, I cried twice in this book. Well, not cried. I welled up and covered my mouth. I don’t react that way to many things.

This book was great, 4/5 definitely. My only issue was that I felt like movie and 80’s references were used in place of dialogue. Which, in reality, is the way friends and I communicate most of the time… But I would have liked to hear more original thoughts from Cline.

3 comments on “Armada – Ernest Cline (book #6)”

  1. Looking forward to your review!! Another good book- the challenge has improved overall for you it seems!!!


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