Book #2 The Lovely Bones

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So I tried to read this book years ago and couldn’t get through it. On Trish’s review from our summer challenge, I decided to try again. I find myself very torn on how to write this review because my immediate response is to say it was horribly slow and boring. I really had to force myself to finish, for the sake of this challenge. But the last 4 chapters or so are amazing!! It’s hauntingly beautiful how they describe “heaven” once Susie comes to peace with not being on Earth. And I love the thought of having lost loved ones around you even long after they’re gone. I had a wonderful warm feeling thinking about that as I fell asleep.

I was really happy with the book when I finished it. So happy that I had to remind myself what a struggle it was to get to that point.

I would probably recommend the book to other people but first I would make sure they don’t have the same taste in books as I do. If I’ve learned anything from this challenge, it’s that my idea of a good book is vastly different from the majority.

1 comments on “Book #2 The Lovely Bones”

  1. So glad to hear the ending was worth the wait! I think you are right that everyone has a specific idea in mind when they think of a ”good” book- definitely important to keep that in mind! I especially like learning about what other people are reading– one never knows where something new and interesting may appear!

    What’s next for you on your list?


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