Book #4


So my favorite part of this book is the authors forward. “If you didn’t read my other books, you won’t like this book. Even if you did read my other books, you might not like this book”

This book is a spin off story about a side character in The Kingkiller Chronicle, which I have blogged on here before but the character is quite a character.

She’s an allusive and skittish person who lives in the “Underthing” beneath the university. It’s believed that she once attended the university but her mind “broke” due to the rigorous course work. She’s very much a mystery to the reader and to the main character but this book gives more insight to what her daily life is like.

It’s honestly very hard to explain without the background story, which is actually the main story but even having read the other books, I had trouble following how her mind works. Once I hit a pace with the book though, it was much smoother.

What I really enjoyed about the book is how certain passages are downright poetic. I’m not a big fan of poetry or finding deeper meaning in a story but there were a few times that I had to stop and reread a line or two because they just struck me as beautiful. I’m wishing I had the book with me so I could show some examples. Maybe I’ll add them in the comments later.

Overall, I enjoyed it. It definitely filled a hole (for the short time it took to read) until the next Chronicle comes out.

3 comments on “Book #4”

  1. Gina! I could have sworn I commented on this but it must have been in my mind πŸ™‚ Please post some beautiful prose when you have the chance!


  2. “Well after that, she would do her best. That was the only way. You did not want things for yourself. That made you small. That kept you safe.”

    “It was better to be gentle and polite. it was the worst sort of selfishness to force yourself upon the world”

    Of course, i wasn’t able to find my favorite one right now but i will keep looking!! Maybe I’ll just have to read it again πŸ˜€


    1. It might even be a fun exercise for us to post quotes from our books! I love these-hope you can find your fave it must be good πŸ˜‰


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