How’s This for a Pile?

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Um, ok.  So that’s a lot of books.  More than would be possible for me to read, at least given the present state of my life, and not to mention how many other projects I’ve got going at the same time.  But, oh well…38 pages a day should get me at least beginning to make some progress over the next ten weeks.  This time, I don’t really have a roadmap of where I want to start, which books will lead to its successor.  I do have to read Writing the Memoir for a course I’m taking, and I’m in the last third of Black Hole Blues (thank you, borkali, for suggesting that I read a book on science last year–the suggestion stuck, and it’s a habit now), so I have some place to start.  I may dip into many books sequentially or decide to read only one straight through at a time–I think I will make it up as I go along.  I’ll need to keep track of where I am, and I have a tiny composition book that I’ll use to record my progress (I hope I progress!).  And I’ll post here with what resonates with me, or books/ poems/ essays/ journal articles that are especially interesting, or possibly, ones to avoid. And so now that I have ten minutes left on February 1st, I’d better go read!

1 comments on “How’s This for a Pile?”

  1. If nothing else, that’s a workout moving that stack around! 🙂 I am so happy to have you with us again, Nadia. Looking forward as always!

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