Book Three: Love, by Leo Buscaglia



I finished this sweet little book in a day.  Truth be told, I had a different week 3 book, but it is a slow- go, and I am really trying to keep up and on track this time around- so I decided to slip this little red book into the midst.  And I am so glad that I did.

Leo Buscaglia is not just knowledgeable about the subject of love, he also exudes it and seems to live and write straight from the heart.  The book has a conversational tone, and is chock full of wisdom and advice.

Buscaglia believes that love needs to be learned and paid attention to, in the same way that we focus on and research our art, music, literature, even architecture.  With no experience or effort invested in trying to understand the mystery of love, we run the risk of just walking right past it and not even knowing what we missed.  Or of royally screwing it up..!

In these chaotic and divisive times, I felt calm and safe with the words and language of this book.  It was a nice reminder of the hope and happiness that is all around us, even when so much of what we see is tense and dysfunctional.  A very nice way to spend a day!

2 comments on “Book Three: Love, by Leo Buscaglia”

  1. Hi meredith, One of the things I learned during our winter challenge, where we read a certain number of pages instead of books, was how to move around different reads. I find myself now capable of reading a bit of poetry, diving into a bit of non fiction. It has been a great skill to discover — I have always wondered how people do it, but I guess I just sort of wrapped my mind around it during that challenge.

    Anyway, I know what you mean about switching it up! Thanks for your thoughtful review- I am looking forward to what’s next as well!

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  2. I think a lot about love. I believe it is the only answer to life’s problems. I just listened to a talk by Tich Naht Hanh. He said that when you look into someone’s eyes ask yourself where you will both be in 200 years. For me that question has a way of putting things in a whole new perspective. Thinking, reading and talking about love in order to love better is good medicine for an ailing world!

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