Comin’ At Ya 2018


Well, as a 1st year PhD student I have managed to involve myself in not one, not two, but three bookclubs this quarter. A terrible idea? Possibly. A fabulous idea? Hopefully. My plan of attack is (either smartly or ashamedly) to read the same books for all three. Thus, my mix will be eclectic. A little bit of relationship mixed with (a lot of) science mixed with the classic novel here and there. And 2018 pages? If we can include my biochemistry book then I may actually hit the mark. (;

A little about me: I am in the same UC Davis Nutritional Biology PhD program from which Alison graduated. My area of emphasis is International and Community Nutrition, which I will bring to the discussion. This quarter I need to read about 75 research articles on the “Double Burden of Malnutrition,” an area of international nutrition I find fascinating and maybe you will, too.

My stack is small, just two books for now and while they actually seem quite different, I think they may be more similar than I realized. The first is “This Idea Must Die,” (for my “Science Says” book club) which is a collection of essays regarding what scientific theories may be best relegated to history in order for current scientific thought to progress. The second is “The Ethical Slut,” (for my “Progressive Ladies” book club) which, while obviously titled for shock value, is a discussion on the progression of modern relationships and impacts on societal convention.

And I am just finishing “The Goldfinch.”

So looking forward to the reading ahead!


4 comments on “Comin’ At Ya 2018”

  1. Welcome, Jennie! We are excited to have you with us– a short stack is just fine for openers 😉 I like the double (triple?) dipping– sounds like a PhD student in action if you ask me. Enjoy the session!


  2. Hi, Jennie. I’m new to this game, so I really appreciate hearing a little bit about you. I’m looking forward to hearing about your books & your field of study. I’d say your plan of attack is not only smart but essential, considering your commitments!

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