700 pages and first seed saving fact


I’ve been reading Young Adult Fiction Author Brandon Sanderson’s work for some time now and while his writing is really unexeptional, the universe he builds and the concepts of deity and magic and human nature are compelling. If you can look past bad writing I would recommend most of his work. His books take place in the fictional universe called “The Cosmere” and so many of the concepts are linked in the books. So, I’m reading his latest in the Stormlight Archive called Oathbringer.

As for the Gardening tips and facts I promised, the first one is about fermenting seeds to save them. I had no idea that this was a “thing” and had always just dried any seeds I was saving in a nice, shady, mid temperature area with good enough airflow. I thought that the idea was to NOT let them ferment. Turns out that with tomato seeds and others it is a good idea to let the seeds ferment in some standing juice/water for about three days before letting them dry. Proponants of fermenting seeds say that it can help mitigate virus or other disease. I don’t think it helps with any viral disease inside the seed itself but it certainly must do a number on any pathogens lurking in the juice or seed coating. So, I’m going to try the fermentation method this year!

4 comments on “700 pages and first seed saving fact”

    1. The tomato plants ended up getting a bit diseased, but before that I was able to save the seeds from 1 tomato. As these are paste tomatoes, they tend to have fewer seeds, and so I was able to ferment 12 seeds and then dry them. Have yet to plant them, but they seem to have turned out just fine!

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  1. Yes, fermenting seeds! Please let us know how it goes, how they grow! I am in the process of securing a community garden plot and cannot wait to get my hands back in the dirt. Any gardening tips you have I will devour!

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