Goal reached.


When I posted my pages read to my spreadsheet today, I was surprised to see that I had broken the 2,018 page mark.  I hadn’t been watching the “Total” column.  The audiobooks have made all the difference.

I’ve picked up ‘Women of the Beat Generation’ again and am liking it better, now that I’m into the section on “The Writers.”  Previously, there were sections on “The Precursors,” which I enjoyed, and “The Muses,” not as much.  I have to say that I haven’t been wowed by the selection of the written work of each of the women…so far.  We shall see.

I intend to keep reporting in because it’s a pleasure.

8 comments on “Goal reached.”

  1. You are a record maker here! Not only your first session but coming in first place ! Well done. You are an inspiration and yes please keep posting I love reading them as much as you love writing 🙂

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    1. Ha. I didn’t consider it a race, by any stretch of the imagination! Anyone who wants to come in first could use the strategy of LARGE PRINT books, which I promise I didn’t do. And quality’s better than quantity, any day of the week.

      It’s been good to get the books I’ve been serial-renewing back to the library. The library thanks you for “Winter Reading 2018” and so do I.

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  2. Wow, Teri ~ I am so impressed that you are finished! I am going to need to do some serious speed reading to make it to the finish line… (though yes, I understand, this is not a race!) … Looking forward to your further posting 🙂

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  3. Tracking you’re reading on a spreadsheet is a nice trick! I’ve been tracking mine on post it notes that inevitably get lost around the house. I think I am going to try your method!

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    1. Glad this may be of help, Kate. I use my share of post-it notes, but they wouldn’t get it for this purpose for me, either!


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