An American Childhood


An American Childhood This book was written in the 80’s, and as you can see from the blurb on the front cover, it helped “usher in the age of memoirs.”  I think there have become too many memoirs by half out there, so that’s not why I read (listened to) it; I wanted, instead, to read Annie Dillard.  She grew up in Pittsburgh in the 50’s, but her childhood (based on my childhood) was a rather privileged one.  Country clubs, summer retreats, white gloves and boy/girl dancing classes.  Not something I was all that excited hearing about in so much detail.  Detail is a signature feature of this book, and too often, IMHO, there was too much of it.  Move on, I would think and vow to stop reading.  But then something more interesting would come along, and would be just enough to keep me going (plus, I hate giving up on a book.)  I did enjoy her discovery of books and the library–her love of reading.  I could empathize with her desire to go somewhere, anywhere other than where she had grown up, and I appreciated/envied her mother’s support of that.

But none of this is really unique, is it?  I can’t recommend that you put it on your reading lists.

Now I have started listening to a novel by Kate Atkinson, Life After Life.  Rather caught up in it early on, so the signs are good for this one.



4 comments on “An American Childhood”

    1. I certainly can relate to that sentiment. Should I leave my reading list to someone (who?) in my will, because there surely will be one left behind.

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  1. Lol, Teri, what an amazing notion- when you think about it tho, leaving almost anything to someone else seems overly egotistical, why not a reading list. But my dad so often questioned it I had read some books that the question seemed like a demanded and now that he has passed it almost feels like a burden I need to undertake.
    I can’t agree with Borkali more- my reading list grows by the day, I logged on to order a text book for an upcoming class and i never made it to my intended book but ordered a different one anyone.

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    1. Yep, I wouldn’t want to burden anyone with my reading list. (Note to self: teach spousal unit how to delete book list on the library system’s website, else it will be there forever…or until the funding runs out.)

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