The pleasure of reading, magnified


…magnified and magnificent; that’s what “Winter Reading 2018” has been.  My thanks to the grand organizer, Borkali, and to every one of you who has read alongside me.  I know each of you has an over-committed schedule, so I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to discuss what you’ve read.  I’ve never done anything like this, and it is pure pleasure.

I look forward to the next go-round.  Spring and summer sounds good, doesn’t it?  Best parts of the year, in my book (pun intended).

The very best to all of you, or should I say to y’all?


6 comments on “The pleasure of reading, magnified”

  1. Teri! So glad you’re here and even more glad you’re enjoying it. MC wants to join for the next go- our summer session next but in the interim we do something called open arts. I will be letting folks know about all that once we have had a little time.

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    1. Yes! I just know that MC will eat this up like the big dessert it is. Open Arts has two of my favorite words in its name, so bring it on when you’re ready…

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  2. To keep myself over-scheduled, I’ve started a fiction-writing course MOOC. Why can’t I resist these things? Don’t know what it’s doing for my writing so far, but it certainly deepens our appreciation for well-written fiction.

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