Checking In From Disrupted Reading Land


I haven’t written anything about my reading for too long, and since I’m still not ready I thought I’d just tell you about that!  My reading pattern during this winter period has been atypical.  I’ve been interweaving books since the start, mostly because of library due dates that cannot be extended.

I was listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things as we started our journey.  Then another audio book I had long had reserved, Susan Orlean’s The Library Book was finally available.  Despite the fact that I was thoroughly enjoying Gilbert’s book, I had to abandon it because I could renew it & couldn’t renew the Orleans book.

As you know, I finished The Library Book and wrote about it.  And don’t you know  when I went back to Gilbert’s, I discovered that I had been on the cusp of a huge plot development.  I could never have left it if I had known.  I’ve finished it, and intend to write about it because it’s an excellent book.

JNaz recommended Brian Doyle’s book, Mink River, which I found in print form at the library, so I started to read it…very slowly, because it deserves quiet absorption.  But, due to poor planning, I had no audio book to listen to in my car & so just grabbed one from the shelves at the library.  It turned out to be a bit of fluff I shall not write about.  I’m listening to a book titled Do No Harm, written by a brain surgeon which I would like to write about, although I think its audience is limited to those with strong stomachs who are fascinated enough by the human body to contemplate all the stuff that can go wrong.  On the last disc of this one.

Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah’s book of short stories, Friday Black, arrived at the library before I had finished Mink River.  Mink River can be renewed, but Friday Black cannot, so you know what has happened.  I’m reading them both as the mood strikes.  They are entirely different from each other.  Almost finished with Friday Black.

OK, this is my story and I’m sticking to it.  I hope to be back with something useful, soon.




7 comments on “Checking In From Disrupted Reading Land”

    1. Borkali, I cannot deny your curiosity. The book was *What Alice Forgot* which sounded like something I could relate to. 🙂 But the novel wasn’t about age-related memory loss; rather, the “conceit” of the story was memory loss related to a bump on the head after a fall at the gym. Alice regains consciousness having lost the most recent ten years of her life. She has to deal with three children she doesn’t know and a husband she’s divorcing. Oh no, she loves this guy. The story is off and running…

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      1. Teri, did you read “Still Alice” by Lisa Genova (I did not see the movie). It is a powerful book about early onset dementia. It was hard to read but worth it. At the time it was published, it was the only novel on the topic endorsed by the National Alzheimer’s Association.


      2. I saw the film, Barbara, but didn’t realize there was a book. Julianne Moore took the role of Alice. I’m a fan. The film was tough to get through, so that means the book will be even tougher, but I’d like to read it.

        Now, I have to tell you something that is both funny and worrying. I watched the film at the movie theater when it was in broad release. Then, after some time passed, I saw it at the library and thought, “Oh. Julianne Moore. I’d like to watch this.” and checked it out. Was I freaked out when I sat down to watch it? Yes. I felt I had a duty to my spousal unit to tell him.

        Thanks, Barbara!


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