Finished the Word for World is Forest- Le Guin


Well, the book was technically a pretty fast read, but also pretty dark so it ended up getting set down periodically.  You could finish it in a few evenings of bedtime wind-down reading. The whole thing is basically a long allegory for the consequences of human arrogance.

It is worth reading, although if you are triggered by the idea of a generally peaceful society’s transition to violent revolution, this book is not for you. What I found most interesting in the book was the portrayal of the very traditional society with strict but “balanced” binary gender roles in juxtaposition with the Colonial society.  Le Guin obviously works very hard to get her points (not so subtly) across, and I think the blunt writing style is good, although the characters could have used a bit more depth–again, the whole book is basically an allegory so the 2D characters are acceptable, and the book is short so its not overkill on the 2D. It’s hard to talk about the content without spoilers, so I’ll leave it at that!

Now I’m moving on to more Le Guin —Going to begin “The Hainish Series” of 3 books. Reviews to come soon!

2 comments on “Finished the Word for World is Forest- Le Guin”

  1. Others in the group have reported on Le Guin’s writing. Now you’ve added another positive review. I read very little SciFi, but I do want to read her work. Thanks for the reminder, and thanks for your post.

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  2. Keep reading Leslie! What is Suman reading these days? I know I am meant to hop online with you now but I am too tired – I am running on a deadline for work – in the next 72h I will be much more available. I cannot wait to catch il with you, my vegetable wearing potluck date ❤


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