Do You See What I See? by Helen Borten



This is a delightful children’s book about elements of art:  line, shape and color.  There is a tour at the Meadows Museum called, “Learning to Look,” for Grades 1-5.  Identifying basic elements of art is part of it, so when I saw this book in Brainpickings, I checked it out of the library.  It’s so on-point that I had to have my own copy.  Maybe I’ll ask to add it to the docents’ library.

I’m dreaming of creating a combination of story hour and art tour, but our time is limited to an hour & the kids need to do most of the talking so it could be tricky.

Here’s the beginning of the book:

“I see lines and shapes and colors everywhere around me…When you put them together they make a picture.  Some pictures make me laugh out loud; other made me want to cry.  Some pictures are as exciting as a ride on a roller coaster.  Others make me feel as quiet as falling snow.  That’s because the lines and shapes and colors in them are arranged in different ways.”

Nice, eh?

3 comments on “Do You See What I See? by Helen Borten”

  1. Oh! And I just love the cover. Definitely sounds like a book that belongs in your docents’ library. Anything that supports children talking about and experiencing art is so vital.

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  2. Brainpickings is such a wonderful resource for children’s books. I am not by nature tuned into the details of what I see. I’m in my head a lot. I bet I’d get some good tips from Do You See What I See! I love your idea of combining a story with an art tour. If there’s not enough time for a story, maybe you could try a poem.

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