Kim Stanley Robinson



Here is what I love about Kim Stanley Robinson – his books are smart, really smart. In both of these books he weaves science, politics, economics, culture, relationships, history, deeply into the stories. Some science fiction is based on imagination, some on research. The knowledge base he shares in these well researched and well written stories is impressive, insightful, intriguing, and intoxicating. Fascinating work. Great character driven stories based on extrapolation of current world climate and events drawn forward to real possible futures. Really enjoyed listening to both of these books and have another ready to download. Have read sci-fi since I was young – albeit with some long hiatus – and am pretty wowed by this guy.

5 comments on “Kim Stanley Robinson”

  1. Good stuff, Julie. I like long books, and I see that he writes them. The library has New York 2140 in audiobook format, so I have put it on my list. Thanks!

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  2. The diversity of reading yet the common theme of hope sustains me. I visited with Barbara our fellow reader when I was in PA this week and she gave me Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit that has a new introduction and a few new chapters in this 3rd edition, but the book is largely reproduced from the original edition that came out shortly after Bush’s non-majority rigged reelection. I need this book to get through the G7 – taking off out of Chicago now back to Calif. Will probably finish this slim read in the air!

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