UFO in Her Eyes by Xiaolu Guo


ufo-in-her-eyesI read this book in 2 evenings, and if I had started earlier in the day I would have finished it in one go. Then I lent it to my bedridden cousin and she finished it in one day as well. We both loved it. It tells, through a series of Government Inspector interviews with villagers from one village in China, the story of a population that started off sad and poor and ended up kind of sad and rich through a series of programmatic infrastructure developments toward a new China and social change. I think it helped me to understand the chinese phrase “to eat bitterness”.  I highly recommend this book. Through its interview style dialogue is communicated a subtle imagery and real feel for the characters. And like I said, its a fast read!

7 comments on “UFO in Her Eyes by Xiaolu Guo”

  1. I never heard of this book and the title certainly wouldn’t have gotten me nearly as far as your review! Thanks for giving us a slice of knowledge about this book so we can appreciate it more. I am intrigued!

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  2. I found it while browsing in a book store here in kathmandu and it was not an obvious pick for me either. I wanted to push myself to read books written in english by people from countries that I don’t understand. When I was looking for a book cover image to upload for the post, I found out that the book was made into a film in 2012.

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    1. Leslie, I too am intrigued by your review. And by the idea of a story told through interview dialogue. And one more thing, this – to read books written in english by people from countries that I don’t understand. What an inspired approach to finding new literature!

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      1. Unfortunately, my library does not have this book. They do have two other books of hers, which are now on my “for later” shelf.

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    2. amen amen to reading books by people from countries we do not have a clue about — it is one of the wisest ways one can wander, me thinks– i love you leslie! and the nematode song is on repeat over here

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  3. My library doesn’t have this book either, but I requested they purchase it. Sometimes that works. I’ve put UFO In Her Eyes on my reading list. It is very interesting to learn about people and places through novels and memoirs written by authors from around the world. I know very little about China. Thanks for your review.

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