My Current Bookstack – 2020 Winter Reading



Hello all ~ Happy New Year and Happy Winter!  So nice to be back- I haven’t posted in awhile, and have had a hard time keeping up with this page..  but I am looking forward to peeking at some of the previous posts and (hopefully!) adding some of my own…

So, this is my current TBR stack, which is seriously abbreviated from the numerous shelves and piles all over my house.  But, these feel a little more urgent, so I will likely use this as a starting point.

As some of you may remember, I had “Full Catastrophe Living” on my list in a previous challenge, and I never got all the way through it- so it is here for another round. Otherwise, I have a couple novels that my son Michael picked out for me- “The Braid” and “Carnegie’s Maid”..  some poetry by John Ashbery and Robert Duncan… “The Overstory” and “Braiding Sweetgrass” came highly recommended by some avid reader friends… “America” was a treasure I picked up at City Lights bookstore in San Francisco last summer..  “Brother of the More Famous Jack” was a spontaneous Amazon order based on a review I read somewhere on-line… And “True Refuge” is a lovely meditative book that I am starting the journey with…

It feels good to look at this selection, and to ponder finding a way to make time for myself and my reading this year.  So nice to see you all here..  Happy Reading!


9 comments on “My Current Bookstack – 2020 Winter Reading”

  1. Hello, Meredith. Delighted to see you here! Looking at your stack of books makes me feel good, too. The Overstory is on my TBR list, too. I have to say that I like weaving these titles together: The Braid, Braiding Sweetgrass, The Overstory, True Refuge. A meditative start sounds just the thing.

    And now you’ve nudged me to list what I have in my car, what’s waiting for me at the library, and what I’m in line for at the library.

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    1. Hey Teri 🙂 Will be nice to compare notes on The Overstory- I have heard amazing things about it…. And yes, I like the way the titles weave together- I did not realize I had two *braids* until I was creating my stack! Can’t wait to see what you are reading…..

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  2. Meredith, book piles just make me shiver with pleasure. : ) And yours has a lot of enticing titles. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on them. And glad to find you back here.

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  3. Meredith, Happy New Year to you too. I am so glad you are back in touch. I’ve missed your voice. I look forward to reading your posts. I know I will love reading about the books you (with your son’s help) have chosen. Full Catastrophe Living was the first resource I found that really helped me open myself up to the practice of meditation. Jon Kabat-Zinn’s writing gently encouraged me to try something that does not come naturally to me. I read it years ago, and I am still very grateful that the book came my way.

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    1. Hi Barbara! I’ve missed connecting with you here too.. I have been practicing yoga for years, but am still chipping away at meditation. There are so many studies about brain health and the positive effects of a regular meditation practice – and this Jon Kabat-Zinn book keeps falling off my bookshelf and into my lap when I try to get motivated..!! I just know it will help me, and I will keep putting it on my bedside table until I commit to following through.. Glad to have your endorsement! Looking forward to reading your posts too 🙂


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