Hello everyone!

My name is Leslie and I live in Kathmandu. Here, the very rainy season is perfect for staying inside. Streets will flood, mangoes will ripen on the trees, all my clothes will smell like mildew because drying on the line is the option around here….and so I will be in my robe, eating fruit, and watching the birds play in the warm big droplets with books by my side.

I am planning to choose a couple books to “get through” and a few that are light reading. I haven’t really chosen my list yet but I know that a goal (which I am allowing myself leninece to change at will) is to read “Ancient History of Nepal”. I also will be reading some chinese folktales. Other than that, I’m hoping to explore a local volunteer library my wife found, but which we have yet to visit.

Will add photos of the books as I read them. Looking forward to this season’s reading 🙂 This reading challenge is a large part of how I got back into reading a few summers ago!

5 comments on “Introduction”

  1. I agree with Teri. I too am looking forward to learning about Nepal. I feel like I have a lovely group of friends on this blog. Of all my friends, you live farthest away from me. It’s fun to have a connection to you and your partner and the place you call home. Your writing creates wonderful images for us.

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  2. Yes, yes to Ancient History of Nepal. And I love the landscape that you create for us. I love …very rainy season. I love birds playing in…the warm big droplets…
    And it is hard to beat …local volunteer library. : )

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  3. Hi Leslie! Happy to see you here- look forward to your reviews and learning about the history of Nepal. Also, Chinese folktales sound intriguing 🙂


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