Summer 2020 Inspiration


Hi all, hope everyone is surviving the pandemic and staying safe, sane(!) and healthy.  I have been struggling with my focus for reading lately, and apologize for being late on the scene here to share my introduction and intentions for this challenge.  But, here I am- and I look forward to hearing about all of YOUR books, and hopefully add some insights of my own from the following selections.  I am currently reading the book on Polyvagal Theory, and will then choose from the other stacks based on what resonates.

I have included a series of POW books (Power of Words) which are collections from the writing camp that my son has attended for the last 5 years, and will be attending again this summer.  The session that he has participated in is called Project Citizen, and it is designed for young people to explore their voices through poetry, op-ed, fiction, memoir, etc to address social issues and subjects that matter to them.  The kids come from diverse backgrounds, and have so much to say.  So, I aim to read through all of the Project Citizen sections of these books as I look forward to hearing what the students will be working on this summer.  Historically, they have addressed subjects such as police brutality, racism, violence, assault, suicide, climate change, Native American/indigenous rights, LGBTQ issues, gender equality, income inequality, etc.  Unfortunately, the camp will not be able to meet in person this summer, so they will be taking it on-line.  But, I do expect this to be a powerful experience- as there is so much to address, think about, write about…

My other two stacks are books that I have been collecting – one pile includes books that I have been drawn to- some fiction, some poetry, some nature writing, etc.  The other pile is made up of the books that are inspiring my ongoing yoga studies and practice.

PV TheoryIMG_2018IMG_2025IMG_2021

8 comments on “Summer 2020 Inspiration”

    1. Me too, Teri! Every year, I get to experience the camp through Michael’s attendance. And they have a live reading on the last day, which literally blows my mind- there are always tears and jaws dropped to the floor at the level of insight and care that these students bring to the subjects they discuss.

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  1. I was so excited to read your “introduction.” The summer camp sounds amazing. What a wonderful experience for your son–reading, thinking, writing and sharing about such big ideas at such a young age with a diverse group of peers. I am excited his efforts will flow to us through you. The youth are really taking leadership in helping us all transform the world. Tell him “Bravo!” I look forward to your posts. Your voice is a powerful addition to this blog.

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    1. Hi Barbara! Happy to see you here again 🙂 My son also gave me “The Maytrees” and “Carnegie’s Maid,” which are in my TBR pile, and I hope to get to them this summer… I need a little fictional retreat every so often as well!


  2. I’m with Teri– POW is right! I feel like Michael is an honorary blogger through your voice– he brings us books and words– please thank him for me! 🙂 We need this diversity in age and approach– it is so important.

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      1. I want to sign up for summer camp also…

        And I love, Meredith, this statement that your son is a “…wonderful influence…” Such a fine thing to say about out children. : )

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