Coming up fast: livestream reading of The Odyssey


The Oklahoma Contemporary has arranged for a livestream reading of The Odyssey starting at 7 PM on August 20. You can find the details, including a list of the readers here:

Check it out each (or every) evening.

7 comments on “Coming up fast: livestream reading of The Odyssey”

  1. Teri, grateful for being steered toward this, even though I have missed the first half. Sounds like something definitely worth a listen. Hope to tune in for at least some of it.

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    1. The readers make a big difference. Now I know how spoiled I have become by professional readers. But, hey, it’s The Odyssey.

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  2. I missed this, but I recently watched a performance of Antigone (Antigone in Ferguson–complete with gospel singing). There was a very moving panel discussion afterwards with listeners from all over the world relating the play to the anti-war movement. I recently got an e-mail that Theater of War Uk is performing The Odyssey in September using the same format–play followed by discussion. Here’s the link to reserve a spot:

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    1. I just want to circle back here to say that Theater of War’s Oedipus Rex program yesterday was excellent. I mean, Damien Lewis as Oedipus inside a Zoom box? Wow. He acted his way outside that box. šŸ™‚ And I have to give kudos to the actor who had to enact torture on himself. The screams! My spousal unit yelled from downstairs, “What in the world is going on up there?!” “This guy’s getting tortured on Zoom!”

      The format was 1) excerpts read from the play, 2) a panel discussion which was not a panel of expert talking heads, and 3) comments taken from members of the audience who wished to say something. Really affecting. I can’t even say.

      They say they will be doing a series of these, so get yourselves signed up. I hope I am firmly on the email list.

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      1. I think using these plays to explore contemporary issues is such a great idea. I forgot to “zoom” to Oedipus. My empty calendar makes me more prone to forget things! I’m so glad it was well done and worthwhile for you. I’m pretty sure I’m on the UK Theatre of War mailing list too. Next time.

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  3. Regarding The Odyssey from my original post, I have to say the best reader I saw was Bebe Neuwirth–not a surprise there, although the local woman who read before her was a close second. Bebe read the next-to-last chapter which is so satisfying because Odysseus and Penelope get back together again at last, and bright-eyed Athena looks down on them in their bed chamber & holds back the dawn to give them more time. Aww… The translator read last. I thought she would be the best of all but, no. She tried to use props, turned pages into the microphone, etc. I decided I wanted to stay in bed with O & P and so clicked goodbye.

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