TODAY – a film


Not exactly winter reading but something not to be missed. I found this very mesmerizing, insightful, intriguing. And a visual feast. 8 minutes, over 400 days. A memory anchor…

2 comments on “TODAY – a film”

  1. Thank you JNaz – I discovered this by way of Jonathan Harris’s website — ” My sketchbooks — filled with dead insects, pasted plants, watercolor paintings, drawings, writings, coins, ticket stubs, and other assorted ephemera.

    I kept these books for a number of years, but stopped abruptly when I was robbed at gunpoint in Central America in 2003. The robbers stole a bag containing a sketchbook with over nine months of work, and it was at that point that I stopped painting and started using code. ”

    Wow what a journey through mediums…

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