Another unexpected delight. I had tuned into a virtual event hosted by Point Reyes Books – Kim Stanley Robinson in conversation with Robin Sloan. Robinson is a fave but I had never heard of Robin Sloan. What serendipity! Intelligent and bright eyed, with a mischievous smile, I investigated him further. I loved the title of this book so searched it out.

I listened to the audiobook and what a ride. It has the feel of a classic tale. There is intrigue, mystery, technology, history. The story of a bookstore that is much more than it seems, and which leads the protagonist on a wonderful and life altering adventure. Full of quirky and curious characters, investigations into historical mysteries, and people who are passionate about inquiry and willing to push beyond the norm. And, it has a lot of heart. What’s not to like?

4 comments on “MR. PENUMBRA’S 24-HOUR BOOKSTORE by Robin Sloan”

  1. I read this book in 2015 during one of our reading sessions —

    I really enjoyed this book and am glad to see it popping up again here 🙂

    I liked it so much I had given it away in one of our reading book swaps and reader Gina also wrote about it here:

    Small world 😀

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  2. A blurb by George Saunders! What’s not to like? Putting it on my list. And thanks, Borkali, for having a good memory. 🙂

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  3. JNaz, I just finished listening to this book last night. Really a pleasure, and something very different from the dark subject matter of my recent reading material. Just what the doctor ordered. Really lovable characters. Thank you for steering me into its arms.

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