Fun Home (A Family Tragicomic) by Alison Bechdel


Thanks to “Graphic Novel or Comic” category on the Reading Bingo card, I was reminded that I have long wanted to read this book, which had not learned of until it was put on the stage. Actually, this book ticks off three boxes: Graphic Novel/Comic, Coming of Age, and QTBIPOC. How’s that for efficiency? I read this book in one go on Independence Day (Observed).

Alison tells and draws the story of her family, which is more a group of five people who live under the same roof than a true family. We put the pieces together as Alison explains how she put the pieces together as she grew up and then went off to college. Why? Why does her father act so weird around them? Why can they not please him? Why are her parents so frosty with each other? It all spools out in 232 beautifully-drawn pages.

I cannot image how this book was staged because it is very interior. I would jump at the chance to see a production!

Oh, and what is “Fun Home?” It is what the family called the Bechdel funeral home, which Alison’s father was called back to run when her grandfather was suddenly incapacitated. What a family business. The kids all had chores to do in the funeral home and became quite blasΓ© about the whole death thing. Because the town they lived in was so small, the funeral home business could not support a family so Alison’s father taught high school English as well. Am I interesting you in reading this book?

6 comments on “Fun Home (A Family Tragicomic) by Alison Bechdel”

    1. Yes, Bechdel certainly has a particular sense of humor. I got a laugh when she said she asked her mother, who was absorbed in the piano, whether CHOP-in wrote Chopsticks! “Sho-PAHN,” she replied, and “No.” πŸ™‚

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  1. Your post left me with another title to put on my list, and Fun Home satisfies so many BINGO blocks! Unlike me, you have an effective “Summer Reading BINGO” strategy!! 😊

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