A placeholder, if you will…


Well, seems I am reading but not making time to review. I offer this up as a placeholder of sorts, to jog my memory when I have time to review, to let you know where I have been.

DON’T ASK ME WHERE I’M FROM and WHITE SPACE, by Jennifer de Leon – a novel and essays of growing up brown in a white world.

DICTIONARY OF LOST WORDS by Pip Williams – historical fiction told from female perspective re the curation of the OED. Language! Dictionaries! What’s not to like?

THE ELEPHANT OF BELFAST by S. Kirk Walsh – a fine tale because, well, an elephant. Enjoyable, if predictable.

ANCESTRAL NIGHT by Elizabeth Bear – Riveting sci-fi offering up a fascinating future.

A HERO BORN, A BOND UNDONE, A SNAKE LIES WAITING by Jin Yong – I listened to these stunning Chinese kung fu epics, finally being translated into English. These are the first three in a twelve book opus. I wait with bated breath for the fourth.

THE GILDED ONES by Namina Forma – woman warriors, outcasts who save the world.

CARRYING THE FIRE by Michael Collins – a dream read for someone who grew up transfixed by the space program – that would be me. A story so redolent of a particular time and place and culture, Collins is a fabulous writer. I couldn’t put it down.

Don’t know what this does to my bingo card – what card? – but I add them all to the mix.

6 comments on “A placeholder, if you will…”

  1. Wow, what a list. You certainly are reading! I’m sure you have more than enough titles to qualify for a successful “Summer Reading Bingo.” I look forward to any follow-up reviews–as you find the time. The list of titles and brief sentences are enough to capture my interest. Thanks!

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    1. Admittedly, a few of these were late spring reads and about half were audiobooks. Sometimes that is the only way I can make time to read.

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  2. A placeholder is a good idea, JNaz. I’ve been doing the reading but not posting thing this summer, too. Have I read this many books, though? I think not. Maybe I’ll check my list of books checked out on the library’s online system and do the same.

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