Merce Cunningham has been in inspiration to me for many, many years. This short video is an engaging synopsis of who he was, what he did, how he influenced the world around him. I highly recommend it.

2 comments on “MERCE CUNNINGHAM”

  1. Thank you for highlighting this video. I saw it in the Aeon newsletter, but would have overlooked it without your prompt. What an amazing artist. I am so glad to learn about Merce Cunningham. I’d love to know the story of how you came to know about him.


  2. This video packs a lot of critical information in its 7 minutes, JNaz. I, too, have been amazed by Merce C. for such a long time, such a long time I can’t remember how long. The same with John Cage. What a revelation it was when I first discovered they were life partners! Just so: Cage and Cunningham.


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