The Anomaly by Herve Le Tellier (in translation)


I finished listening to this book today, and my brain is bent. Calling all fans of sci-fi–complex sci-fi. I didn’t know how to say anything about this that wouldn’t spoil it, but I found a reviewer who did the job well. The book begins with a boatload of characters, and I laughed out loud when the character who is writing a novel called The Anomaly wonders, well into the book, how many characters a reader will accept?

Here’s a link to the review:

Want to go for a wild ride?

4 comments on “The Anomaly by Herve Le Tellier (in translation)”

  1. I read your post and followed the link to the recommended review. Well, I was not halfway through when my fingers took over and spirited me away to my library website to reserve a copy. Done. Thank you. Of course you had me at “sci-fi – complex sci-fi”…..

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  2. I read the review you suggested–wow. Quite a book blogger. It sounds like a thought-provoking fun read. Plus you are recommending it 📚😊📚! I just requested it from my library.

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