Foster by Claire Keegan


This novella is 96 pages or, in the case of the eaudiobook which was the format I borrowed from the library, 1.5 hours long. I heartily recommend it. Poignant, that’s the word for it, I think. You’d have to have a cold heart not to love the young girl who tells this brief tale of her summer experience. (OK, I’ve set you up with that one. Who wants to have a cold heart?)

I’ve just borrowed another of Keegan’s novellas, Small Things Like These, and I can’t wait to settle down with it. I hadn’t come across Claire Keegan. Have any of you? A good discovery for me.

6 comments on “Foster by Claire Keegan”

  1. She is new to me and this sounds refreshing — even thinking of summer here is a challenge with my chilly toes! Though my toes may be chilled, my heart is still warm…
    Thank you for posting!

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  2. A perfect time for a summer’s tale! My toes and heart could use some warmth. After a lengthy biography, a novella sounds perfect. I do not know about Claire Keegan.

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      1. Bokali, your “like” just brought to my attention that the “e” in “Claire” hadn’t made it into the title of my post.


  3. I picked this up from the library on Thursday and last night devoured it in one sitting. Worth the wait! I waited 3 months in the queue it looks like —

    Looking through the lens as a foster parent, I feel for this girl, the family of origin, the foster folks.

    And what is best for her in the end? The state would say that being with her biological family/siblings is the best thing for her long-term outcomes…


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