Author: JNaz


After reading several essays on ecological degradation at local and planetary scales earlier today, I came upon this piece from Orion. A reminder that given a chance, natural systems can heal and reclaim vitality. Given a chance, again, life finds a way.

yet another gift from AEON

This brief video just enchanted me. The man, the story, the art! I find myself deeply attracted to this work. I have always loved lists, catalogues, field guides of any kind, anything that involves visual discernment. Blackstock’s work takes it to a whole new level. Especially when one considers the breadth of it! WWII aircraft,

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I apologize, in advance…

I almost didn’t post this because, well, it is just really hard to read. I was weeping through much of it, sinking deep into the sorrow for all things lost as a result of our greed, our acquisitiveness, our sheer numbers. Our obliviousness! So, it is in the spirit of not being oblivious, of taking

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