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The local women’s shelter does a fundraising event every year. It is usually at the local downtown theater, but because of COVID, it was available virtually in 2020 and 2021. The fundraiser serves as a platform to show films made by and about women. The shorts are always wonderful. I just finished watching this year’s

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Be Holding by Ross Gay

I fell in love with Ross Gay when I heard him interviewed on OnBeing. I immediately ordered his book of essays, The Book of Delights, which I highly recommend. It is packed with joy! Gay is primarily known as a poet. I heard him interviewed again recently. He published a book-long poem titled Be Holding.

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UN-AMERICAN by Hafizah Geter

I have just finished reading and exploring Hafizah Geter’s debut collection of poems and I am knocked flat. These poems traverse many landscapes, internal and external/brutal and beautiful. These are spare pieces that pack a big punch as she deals with issues of love, loss, racism, abuse, police brutality, family. They are, at once, accessible

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