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Last night we had fun making naleśniki – Polish pancakes. We had two fillings– one is a white cheese (farmer’s cheese-like, though saltier) with onions and chives, the other is beef and tomato. You roll them up and fry them– super delicious. Of course, I had to throw in a salad 🙂 I can think

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Central Valley Spring Salad

I am enjoying our shift towards nature, food and the otherwise delicious during Open Arts. Here’s an array of greens from the yard for our dinner this evening– top left: basil, 3 peas. Bottom left: beet tops, romaine lettuce, chives, kale & swiss chard. Bon appetit!

Summer Squash

Inspired by the bagels, the ghee, the radiant heart blueberry pie — my first summer squash. I love small vegetables – so manageable for my small hands, in my small world these days. I’m going to give these to K8, fellow reader, when we do our first ever social distancing walk later today. My first

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Sourdough Bagels

As promised from our Zoom meeting, here is the recipe I followed for Sourdough Bagels: Homemade Sourdough Bagels – With Video For my “everything seasoning” mixture I used Herbs de Provence, Montreal Steak Seasoning, Sesame Seeds, and dried onions. The only other change I made to my batch was I used a tablespoon of corn

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