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Naomi Klein on Coronavirus Capitalism

If you haven’t heard of Naomi Klein, you should check her out. Her latest collaboration with The Intercept is worth viewing: “Coronavirus Capitalism”: Naomi Klein’s Case for Transformative Change Amid Coronavirus Pandemic What ideas are lying around from our reading? I am thinking of Walt Whitman, Eugene Debs, and even what Marie Curie might be

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Craft in America

I have watched these two episodes of Craft in America and felt they are worth sharing during these isolating times: Craft in America IDENTITY episode Craft in America QUILTS episode My friend sent me these links a few weeks ago and I am glad I had them to lean on the last few afternoons. There

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Advent Meditation

I was moved to write my response to a Bible study I attended.  While my Christianity is nontraditional, it is my religious background.  I attended seminary in my 40’s to try and  understand Christianity at a deeper level.  I love the Bible and its great stories.  I am grateful for a space to share my

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