Author: borkali

The Overstory

Grains of sand are still finding their way onto my desk. Here’s the only photo I took during the long weekend during a tech timeout. I am about 100 pages into The Overstory and it is delivering – thank you to @foshee07 & @julienaslund5866 for bringing this book to our close attention. I thought about

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POETRY Magazine

On the flight back to Sacramento last night, I tore up the July/Aug POETRY Magazine and decided to squeeze this into the activism/social justice square for BINGO since there was so much relevant writing in this category, especially some of the editorials from poets laureate that are mixed into this issue. For example, Debora Kuan’s

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Peek-a-Boo Forest

Sometimes I use food words to describe literature — delicious, nutritious — and this book, Peek-a-Boo forest is where book meets food. This book can be chewed upon and has textural components that make crinkly noises that are very enjoyable to new ears. Plus, there are lots of exciting creatures to discover hiding in the

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