Author: borkali

Hell is a Very Small Place

I was able to get this from the Woodland Public Library and am better for having read this challenging, impossible book. So much sadness, so much pain is in nearly every page. The book is about solitary confinement and most of the essays are written by prisoners. Themes across the essays include– denial of freedom,

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Lunar New Year: Re-establishing the Foundation – Qì in the Year of the Yīn Metal Ox, Xīn Chŏu, 辛丑 – Year 2021/4719

As we celebrate the lunar new year, we can also inform ourselves a little more about the Eastern philosophy related. Here’s a link to a very rich post sent to me by Brian this morning. I’ll be working through it, though at first blush, it’s worth your time as well: I am sure I’ll

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