Author: borkali

Guilty Pleasures

I found this collection of erotic poetry in a little library while walking this week. I found myself amazed at the power of words and how graphic some of these poems are — makes me think, consider and feel. Emily Dickinson’s “Wild Nights!” is in here as well as lots of others. A fun exploration

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Theater of War: The Drum Major Instinct

January 18th – here’s a link for registration: The Drum Major Instinct presents dramatic readings by acclaimed actors of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s The Drum Major Instinct—a powerful, cautionary sermon about the impulse in all humans to be first—for diverse audiences, with the goal of generating powerful dialogue about racism, inequality, and social

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Bakin’ Bagels

My first job was at a lil bagel shop called Bakin’ Bagels in Maywood, NJ. I worked there for many years. Made myself some nostalgia bagels this morning. They aren’t the prettiest but hey they taste legit! You gotta boil your dough, people.