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Central Valley Spring Salad

I am enjoying our shift towards nature, food and the otherwise delicious during Open Arts. Here’s an array of greens from the yard for our dinner this evening– top left: basil, 3 peas. Bottom left: beet tops, romaine lettuce, chives, kale & swiss chard. Bon appetit!

Summer Squash

Inspired by the bagels, the ghee, the radiant heart blueberry pie — my first summer squash. I love small vegetables – so manageable for my small hands, in my small world these days. I’m going to give these to K8, fellow reader, when we do our first ever social distancing walk later today. My first

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Al Filreis on Meraki Radio

I finally had the golden opportunity to bring Al Filreis on the air. It is something I had been hoping to do for some time, but was waiting for the right moment. So here we are. Enjoy! Perspectives: Al Filreis on ModPo, Collaborative Learning, Emily Dickinson & More

Study of White

As some of you know I’ve been studying white since the turn of the year and it has been a fruitful search — I have so many examples of observations around white, and I’ve had the pleasure of friends writing to me about their reflections of white and other fun surprises. I got white eggplants

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Naomi Klein on Coronavirus Capitalism

If you haven’t heard of Naomi Klein, you should check her out. Her latest collaboration with The Intercept is worth viewing: “Coronavirus Capitalism”: Naomi Klein’s Case for Transformative Change Amid Coronavirus Pandemic What ideas are lying around from our reading? I am thinking of Walt Whitman, Eugene Debs, and even what Marie Curie might be

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Craft in America

I have watched these two episodes of Craft in America and felt they are worth sharing during these isolating times: Craft in America IDENTITY episode Craft in America QUILTS episode My friend sent me these links a few weeks ago and I am glad I had them to lean on the last few afternoons. There

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