Author: Barbara

Raptor Resource Project

I discovered this site because I receive group e-mails from a cousin who is now home schooling her young two daughters due to the coronavirus.  Their grandmother sent this site for the children.  I spent hours yesterday checking on this pair of eagles hatching their eggs.  It can take up to 24 hours or more

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Advent Meditation

I was moved to write my response to a Bible study I attended.  While my Christianity is nontraditional, it is my religious background.  I attended seminary in my 40’s to try and  understand Christianity at a deeper level.  I love the Bible and its great stories.  I am grateful for a space to share my

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Art in Action: Global Climate Crisis

You all may know that the global climate strike that is happening September 20 in anticipation of the UN Climate conference.  I hope everyone will participate!  Here is motivation:  If you don’t know about Greta Thunberg, this climate conversation is a must.  If you do know about her, you’ll love hearing her talk with

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