Author: Barbara

Rebecca Solnit’s New Book

Rebecca Solnit, one of my favorite writers, has a new book out, Orwell’s Roses. I happened upon a 30 minute interview on “Start Making Sense,” The Nation’s podcast. In discussing her book, she talks about politics, pleasure, joy and resistance to authoritarianism. Solnit’s take on George Orwell, the man and his work, was thought provoking.

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A Bit of Poetry

Since I wrote a post about Joy Harjo’s book Crazy Brave: A Memoir–which I loved, I thought I’d share a bit of her poetry. It came to me in an e-mail from Kirkridge Retreat Center, a beautiful retreat and study center in the Pennsylvania Poconos. What a lovely Thanksgiving poem. Fall is soon officially here.

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After a very gloomy, rain-soaking remnant from hurricane Ida hit yesterday, the sun came out today in my neck of the woods. To remain centered in our world these days, we all need sunshine, good friends, and some laughter. Here’s to the women in our blog. Today someone asked me if I knew you.I laughed

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