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Every year our local women’s help center, Centre Safe, raises funds by screening Lunafest short films at a local theater. When COVID closed the theaters, the event became available online. The films are all made by women and the ticket sales support women filmmakers and women’s groups. The tickets are $15 plus a small fee.

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Ada Blackjack: A True Story of Survival in the Arctic by Jennifer Niven

I subscribe to Jenni Monet’s online newsletter, Indigenously. It’s a great resource for information concerning Native American issues. She often makes suggestions for further reading. Based on Monet’s recommendation, I read Ada Blackjack. Her story is a page-turner about early exploration in the Arctic. In 1921 four young men and one Native American woman, Ada

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The Animated Universe in Verse, Part 1: The Evolution of Life and the Birth of Ecology, with Emily Dickinson

Every year since 2017, I have loved the The Universe in Verse. This year there is a new iteration: “For four seasons, it remained a live gathering — thousands of embodied universes of thought and feeling, huddled together in a finite space built in a faraway time when Whitman’s living atoms walked the streets outside.

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“The Politics of Syntax and Poetry Beyond the Border: A conversation with Ari Banias about his new collection A Symmetry, a book that interrogates everything from whiteness to the meaning of community” by Claire Schwartz

Here’s an article for poetry lovers. Ari Banias’ book, A Symmetry, was published in October, 2021.