Reconsidering Reparations By Olufemi O. Taiwo

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I was introduced to this author on a Democracy Now news broadcast. He is a brilliant thinker, and he looks at reparations through a very large lens. He delves deeply into the history which has led to current worldwide inequality, and he points to solutions that get at the root of some of the problems we are now facing. It was refreshing to read a scholar who connects the dots between so many of the global issues of our day. He points to solutions that build on a global understanding of the impact of colonialism and capitalism. His ideas are bold and inspiring. Most importantly, his ideas are inclusive and fair minded. Taiwo is an excellent writer and his vision of the future is hopeful, but to bring about a more just world, he admits, will take a collective worldwide effort. It has taken hundreds of years to build the systems that have harmed life on the planet and skewed the distribution of resources. Those systems must be re-envisioned on a global scale. Global climate crises may create the necessity that will give birth to the inventiveness required. Taiwo is optimistic.

1 comments on “Reconsidering Reparations By Olufemi O. Taiwo”

  1. Another fine read from Barbara — I am excited to check out Taiwo — some important ideas to get in our heads. There’s a growing anti-globalist sentiment in the world that is incongruent with reconciling some of the issues you mention here. I’m not sure how you can get folks on board when they don’t think globalism is a good idea.

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