First Book of the Challenge

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Just a quick introduction. I’m a recent recipient of my MFA in Painting. I’ve had to read a lot of dense material in preparation of my thesis, although I slid in some fun titles to add context to my playful and humorous approach to art making.

When I was invited to participate in this collective, I asked if audiobooks were acceptable. Hold your horses, I do read ACTUAL books as well (I just finished the hardcopy of “How We Decide” by Jonah Lehrer) and intend to have a mixture of the two very different experiences. My attraction to the audio variety came when I was working on a large scale fiber installation. Previously, my attention span could not handle the narrator’s voice, always drifting back into my own thoughts. Something about the repetitious action of knitting and crocheting focused my attention enough to listen and make, optimizing my time with new input.

I don’t have a list. I don’t know if I’m breaking the rules by not having a list. What can I say, I have commitment issues. And appropriately I have chose to listen to “We Should Hang Out Sometime” by Josh Sundquist. I chose it because A) It was available on my OverDrive library app-if you don’t have this, I seriously recommend putting that library card to good use-and B) It appeared to be a lighthearted read (listen),but might prove to be a spoonful of medicine for me. Time will tell.

1 comments on “First Book of the Challenge”

  1. Awesome! No list necessary – Gina asked the same thing. What might be nice is if you write your list at the end just so folks can see it. I often use other people’s lists for future reading =)

    Never heard of overdrive- going to check that out next.

    I started reading The First Bad Man last night…


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