Review of the Color of Water


I could not recommend this book more to anyone interested in a human story. This is a biography of “A Black Man’s White Mother” as well has his story growing up. The mother was born in 1942 and raised Orthodox Jewish in the deep south. She met a man literally on “the other side of the tracks”…disowned her family to marry him and raised TWELVE children successfully in the projects of New York during the 60’s. They all became doctors, lawyers, writers…but more importantly it seems like they became well adjusted people.

Aside from the impressive lives and spirits you will nakedly encounter, you will read about tenderness, humanity, and about how loving deeply is important. When the author, as a young racially confused black boy, asked his mother what color god was she answered, “God is the Color of Water.”

The writing is full of excellent imagery description. I heard and even smelled what these places would be like.

It is a fast read and I’ve read it 3 times now in the past 15 years.  When I read this book, I feel hope for the future. DO IT!!!!

five stars squared.


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