Looking for Alaska – John Green (book #3)



I just want John Green to write one book that’s not set in high school centered around outcasts about death/dying. It’s probably the reason why he is so popular because not only is the material easy to read, but it’s incredibly relate-able. Come on, even Nicholas Sparks, as depressing as his stuff is, has more diverse characters then the entire Green collection.

I enjoyed this book, not as much as Fault but wasn’t as disappointed in it as Paper Towns. While I was intrigued right away with Paper, the character development in Alaska was a little slower. The arc was much later in this story causing me to not care until I was almost halfway through.
The story begins with a high school Junior seeking his identity and purpose by way of changing schools and opting for boarding school. Here he is befriended by a group of outcasts including the attractive, adventurous, rebellious, unavailable (sound familiar?) Alaska. They live and learn and they all grow together until something changes them all forever. Of course it’s a John Green twist so I won’t ruin it, but I wasn’t expecting it.
I have a very “eh” feeling about it, but maybe that’s what you’re supposed to be left with. It’s not an “eh” bad feeling. More like an “eh” existential feeling. Like this book just struck a chord that makes me feel as though nothing matters, so why should this book? Maybe that’s why it’s taken me a few days to write the review. Doesn’t matter anyway. I need to read something slightly uplifting, this list has a very depressing start.

I give this book 3.5/5 🌟🌟🌟

I’m giving The Abundance of Katherines a shot, and if I don’t enjoy it then I will have determined I’m not a John Green fan.

3 comments on “Looking for Alaska – John Green (book #3)”

    1. I think Paper Towns left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m actually enjoying Abundance of Katherines so we can’t give up yet!!


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