I Don’t Care About Your Band = <3


tumblr_l6jzvxxDfZ1qznybeo1_1280 (1)Brava! This book was EVERYTHING! the last book wasn’t!

  • Hilarious
  • Had strong feminist insights (like how Miss Piggy is too awesome for the lazy hipster unappreciative Kermit)
  • Full of explicit sexual encounters
  • A “character” with a perspective I can relate to.

Is this book going to change your life? Probably not. But it was exactly what I needed. Humor is how I navigate through life. Books like this are like taking my vitamins. The author details the bulk of her sexual history from making prank phone calls to sex lines at age 12 to catching bedbugs (what she refers to as the real estate version of an STD) from a one night stand in her late 20’s. It delivers on the “you’re not alone, in fact it actually could be much worse” type of message without the falsehood of “it gets better”. I mean it probably does get better, but when you’re a cynic in a self wallowing depression you don’t want to hear that. In fact, I must commend the author with how she left the reader. She admitted to being in a relationship at the time of publication, but wanted to be true to her audience by not detailing that romance. You might think I’m giving away the ending by divulging that, but this is certainly one of those books that’s all about the journey. Enjoy it!

3 comments on “I Don’t Care About Your Band = <3”

  1. I’m so happy this was a better experience. I am feeling the same way that my reviews so far aren’t like yaaaaay reading =) I look forward to checking this out!


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