Review of Just Mercy (Book #10!)

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I will write an overarching post of the challenge tomorrow, but I am happy and a little shocked to say: I made it! 10 books in 10 weeks.

The last book I read was Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. It is a book that has been highlighted in the news lately– I feel like I keep seeing mention of it. I bought it after hearing Bryan talk on the Daily Show earlier this year but hadn’t gotten around to it.

This book is neck-and-neck with Climate Changed. Both are extremely powerful reads.

I anticipated this book to be harder to read. It is about the prison system in the US, specifically about people on death row. However, the poise with which Bryan approaches the subject and brings it to light was so readable. He uses his personal experience and real conversations to get through this impossible topic. I have deep admiration for the tremendous career and effort that has taken place, and is still in motion, to put together this book.

A difficult topic deconstructed and made accessible to any reader. Pick this up when you can.

5/5 overall rating

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