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Hi all- I better sit down and get my list together because every time I look at my little collected pile, I pull a book out and replace it with something else.  So, as of this moment, I am staring at my stack of chosen books, wondering “who would pick this totally strange and random collection?”  But here it is, and I don’t know which book I will start with yet.

Queen of the Tearling- by Erika Johansen (from book swap)

Midwinter Day- by Bernadette Mayer (my genre pick-poetry, to be read during winter solstice)

Beauty- by John O’Donohue

The Noble Hustle- by Colson Whitehead

My Brilliant Friend- by Elena Ferrante

Butcher’s Crossing- by John Williams

I Capture the Castle- by Dodie Smith

**And one extra bonus book, because it refuses to separate itself from the pile:  Ship Fever- short stories by Andrea Barrett


5 comments on “Meredith’s Books”

  1. Oh- I was so caught up in picking books, I forgot to introduce myself– I am Meredith, living in Connecticut, and I was invited to this challenge by Alison through an on-line poetry class that we participate in together (ModPo). I am a part-time yoga instructor, and mom to a wonderful teenage boy. Looking forward to sharing the next ten weeks with all of you 🙂


    1. Meredith, Great list!! Love that Bernadette made it on there 😉

      Also, the bonus book is great- I am in the same boat as yoi, struggling to narrow. I am traveling right now but when I’m home this weekend I will post my list!

      Looking forward to reading with you for another ten weeks! 🙂


    1. No!! I never did. I had read Ferrante’s “The Days of Abandonment” which was tragic and so hard to read (but very good, in my opinion).. and I wanted to balance that with the Brilliant Friend collection, but sadly, my reading has been so scattered that I have been struggling to finish anything lately…! I always hope that these challenges will motivate me to catch up, and sometimes that happens- but lately, I am lucky to get through a few pages, or a poem or two. That said, I am still hanging on, because I know that more productive reading days will return.. Glad you are enjoying the book- lucky because there are several more in the series!

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      1. Every time I encounter a new book these days I know you’ve probably heard of it, M! I literally search our blog for titles and your name comes up often 🙂 Can’t believe you posted this almost 5 years ago! I am excited it is a series– will see how the first one goes 🙂 I’ll post about it before the session is over!

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