Ancillary Sword

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“Ancillary Sword” Ann Leckie

There was no disappointment for me with book number two in Leckie’s trilogy. Already being familiar with the vocabulary allowed me to more quickly immerse myself in the world than I had with the first book. Oh, what a world it is! The characters are somewhat archetypal, but nuanced and surprising. The universe is unfamiliar enough to be exotic and fascinating, but familiar enough that the story and themes are relatable. Leckie was able to make me really care about the characters. I was genuinely sad to turn the last page of this book.  I wanted to know what Breq and the Mercy of Kalr were going to find on the other side of the Ghost Gate.  What is the Lord of the Radch plotting…simultaneously working for and against herself.  So many questions! I already have the final book in the trilogy on order and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

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  1. Great start to the reading challenge! Really happy to hear you enjoyed- I would like to see what you think of the third novel. This may have to be a series I add to my ever-growing list!


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