Author: Kate Danger

135 pages

Slowly. Has anyone seen that camp B (or C) horror flick “Critters”? If you’re not familiar with this gem it features a massive seething ball comprised of many small toothy and blood thirsty critters. In the climax this aggregate of claws and pointy teeth rolls over the land destroying and consuming everything and anyone in

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I promise I’ve been reading…I’m just doing an excellent job at reading and not writing reviews. So here is a short and sweet round up of the titles I’ve finished so far! #1 Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson This is a book I have seen over and over again on those buzzfeed style lists of

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Ancillary Sword

“Ancillary Sword” Ann Leckie There was no disappointment for me with book number two in Leckie’s trilogy. Already being familiar with the vocabulary allowed me to more quickly immerse myself in the world than I had with the first book. Oh, what a world it is! The characters are somewhat archetypal, but nuanced and surprising.

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