We Should All Be Feminists



A perfect short read for an overcast Portland morning. At a scant 52 pages this took me under a half hour to make my way to the end. I was tempted to immediately return to the beginning and go over it again. I also found myself wishing for a pencil to make notations and enthusiastically mark the passages that resonated with me. While there were no revelations or points I have not considered before it is heartening to hear the voice of another woman speaking these truths to power.

I’m interested in doing some follow up reading of her other works.

2 comments on “We Should All Be Feminists”

  1. Here’s another book I want to read! Thank you, Kate, for your post. I actually managed to read a good portion of We Should All Be Feminists while waiting in a VERY long bathroom line in the Harvard Coop/ Barnes & Noble (the books were on a shelf right next to the ladies’ room–symbolism here, perhaps?)


  2. Portland?! I am jellllllly!

    Doesn’t it feel good to rip through a book in one sitting? You go girl!

    Sounds like some good reminders in there 🙂


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