The squirrels are restless…


My new house is an old highwater bungalow on a quiet tree lined street. The trio of windows in the living room look out on a large maple tree.  It makes the living room feel like a tree house. The branches are a favorite playground for the family of squirrels that live here. This morning they have been racing up and down the branches. Scolding, playing and cavorting. Soon the afternoon heat will drive them into inertia, draped along the branches like wet laundry.

Week 1 – 3



Week 4


I managed four books in the first three weeks. The first  two books of Jeff Vandermeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy were short fast reads. It left me some extra space to finish the larger final book and slip in the Man in the High Castle.

Does anyone else keep a reading log for the year? I just started this year. Logging books and pages into a spreadsheet. I like the idea of seeing how much reading I get done in a year and challenging myself to either read more the following year, or increase the variety of subjects and authors. Today I finished my twentieth book! 7306 pages turned.

2 comments on “The squirrels are restless…”

  1. Is that what the squirrels do in the afternoon? I’ve wondered. It’s been so record-setting hot here that we haven’t seen much of them at any time of day. “Like wet laundry” made me smile.

    Why did I not continue the spreadsheet with books and pages read that I set up for the Winter Reading Challenge? I could probably use the library’s website, which shows the list of books checked out on your card, to back into it. Or maybe next year. 7,306 pages is Xcellent!


  2. I think it’s cool you’re tracking pages- I am not that organized with my reading since it’s become so pervasive in my days working from home. I read the POETRY’s Poem of the Day waiting for the washing machine to finish it’s final spin and thought to myself, “How can I keep count anymore?” I am inspired by your ability to stay organized!!


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