Across the line!


My first “successful” reading challenge is in the bag.  Usually I start strong and then trail off towards the end of the challenges.  Wondering off into the woods, distracted by shiny things. Not this time! With the conclusion of my last book my page total comes in at 2237!

Here is what I read:

Home N.Okorafor


The Night Masquerade N.Okorafor


Unnatural Creatures a selection of short stories compiled by N.Gaiman


The Stone Sky N.K.Jemisin


The Collapsing Empire J.Scalzi


Redshirts J.Scalzi


Old Man’s War J.Scalzi



8 comments on “Across the line!”

  1. Well done, Kate! Multiple books by each of two authors. Do you see an advantage from having done this? Years ago, I read everything Toni Morrison had written, which I felt gave me a connection with her work that I hadn’t yet had with any other author. And just about a year ago, I took courses on the work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez on the FutureLearn MOOC platform. It encompassed two sessions, and we read almost all of his novels and short stories, which was marvelous. I had only read Love in the Time of Cholera before that.


    1. I often read everything by an author I am taken with. Scalzi was a new author for me and I absolutely enjoyed reading his most recent published work and then going back and reading something from his early and middle oeuvre. It’s like being able to walk along with them as they develop as a writer.

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    1. There is only one story from the master himself in this collection. However, I enjoyed reading his introductions at the beginning of the other selected works. It’s an interesting insight into what he enjoys and takes away from a particular writers work.

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